One of the world's top pickup artists spills his guts on new underground knowledge on dating and seducing women, completely rewriting the rules of the chase...


Derek Rake

Author, coach & noted speaker 

Letter L
ast September I was in Queensway, Hong Kong where I attended a seminar on pickup and seduction. The seminar ended at around 10.00pm and I walked back to my room on the 28th floor of JW Marriot Hotel at Pacific Place.

When I was about to enter my room I noticed that there was a note stuck on my door.

The note read...

Derek Rake Note From MrX

This was like a James Bond movie.

I figured that if nothing else, I'd get a good story to tell. So I turned around and went downstairs.

Once outside the lobby, I immediately spotted a figure lurking in the dark. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was the guy, and so I approached him warily.

He turned around, and apparently he recognized me. "Derek. I'm XXXXX."

Apparently he had seen me at the seminar during the day and he had overheard me talking to a few of the fellow seminar goers that the seduction community had gone limp with too little innovation and absolutely no new ideas.

We spoke for hours.

The meeting revealed that I was wrong after all. He was exposing some stuff which is totally underground and virtually unheard of.  "I have got the secret", so he claimed, "that will make any girl want to have me all within fifteen minutes of meeting me."

To be truthful, I wasn't at all convinced with his claims. I had truly seen and heard it all...and was quite literally fed up with the stuff that most 'gurus' put out which were really nothing new under the sun.

And yet, there's something quite compelling about this dude. After all, he had been able to hold my attention for more than 3 hours.

Sensing my skepticism, he pat me on my shoulder and said, "Derek, I know this sounds really outlandish, and I don't blame you for that. Let's go to a club of your choice right now and I'll show you how this is done."

And So The Adventure Begins...

Figured that I had nothing to lose, I agreed to his invitation.

We immediately took off to the Zaza club in Tsim Tsa Tsui, downtown Hong Kong where the hottest women (and many A-list celebrities and models) were known to party seven days a week, 365 days a year. And when I saw Mr X in action, it totally blew my mind away.

His seduction theories sounded like dynamite...but to see him in action with my own very eyes was totally astounding.

  • He approached a total of 17 groups under sixty minutes,
  • 26 phone numbers of hot babes in the club under two hours,
  • He made out with six women on the dancefloor, all within fifteen minutes upon approaching them
  • Seven gorgeous women bought him drinks at the bar, and 
  • In the end he walked out from the club hand-in-hand with two bombshells on each arm.

Look, "Mr X" is not exactly the best looking guy you'll meet. He was 37 (and in all honesty, he looked more like 47 going on 50), had a receding hairline with a hideously bulging waistline. 

But his looks, or rather the lack of it, didn't faze him that much. As soon as he hit the club - he was literally on fire.

That evening, I was convinced that I had witnessed a phenomenon.

Phenomenon Definition

So...Who Exactly Is This "Mr X"?

OK, here's the deal. I cannot tell you who Mr X is. I have promised him not to reveal his identity in exchange for the eye-popping techniques that he had shown me at Zaza Club in Hong Kong.


" The Player's Guide To Seducing Women™ deserves its place as one of the all-time greatest programs ever produced on the topic of dating & seduction.”

- David Z, Seattle

But what I can tell you is that he is one of the 'elders'  in the seduction community, and has pioneered many concepts that are commonly used and discussed today.

Mr X said he was "f*cking annoyed" that I went around telling everyone that the community has stalled with the same old shit getting peddled at seminars. 

He approached me because he wanted to prove me wrong.

I was so excited to learn these cloak and dagger techniques that he has shown me that I literally begged him to stay over for a few days so that I could learn more from him. 

After much convincing, I managed to get him to delay his trip back to Santa Monica (where he was based) and flew him down here to sunny Singapore.

I put him up at the colonial-style, $1,200-a-night Raffles Hotel. 

I chauffered him to everywhere he wanted to go, and paid for his meals. 

You might call that 'bribery', but it was all worth it. I had the chance to grill him for five whole days and literally 'milked' him for all his worth. He happily shared with me his knowledge, and even agreed to record down his pearls of seduction wisdom for posterity.

Jumping at the opportunity, I booked a professional studio and got him to spend close to 56 hours in the studio where we produced possibly the first ever seduction program recorded professionally on audio. 

Introducing The Player's Guide For Seducing Women™ Audio Program ... Featuring A Master Seducer's Best, Cutting-Edge, Never-Before-Seen Seduction Techniques

The Player's Guide For Seducing Women

44 audio tracks, 124Mb
professionally recorded & immediately downloadable (mp3 format)

"The Player's Guide For Seducing Women" is a compilation of Mr X's best seduction techniques in audio (mp3) format. It is professionally recorded and jam-packed with hot dating and seduction knowledge lasting over 1.5 hours.

Here's a sneak peek at what you're going to discover when you get your hands on The Player's Guide For Seducing Women mp3 audio course -

  • A slick 'cheat' to get her phone number - virtually works every time, whether she is on her own or in a group (audio track 16)
  • The importance of equipping yourself with the "Twin C's" - and why NOT having these things will blow the chances of even the smoothest player around (audio track 31)
  • The ABQ Principle on why you must always pre-qualify women, and how it helps you achieve long term success with women (audio track 2) 
  • The biggest misconception about humor as a seduction tool and why you should never tell a joke (audio track 24) 
  • Why using self-depreciating humor as a tactic to 'disarm' obstacles almost always backfire - don't make this mistake (audio track 22)
  • The Player's Rule on foolproofing a 'date request' - the absolute best way to ask without appearing needy or desperate (audio track 3)
  • The ONE thing that you must do before you leave for the evening for a date that will increase your chance of getting laid by at least 1,200% (audio track 27)
  • The LIE about "cock-blocking" that some dating gurus tell you - and why that will absolutely ruin your chances with women (audio track 19)
  • Use a little known tactic that will make it ten times easier for her to follow you back to your pad (audio track 35)

  • The biggest mistake that men make when complimenting women. The danger is that even almost all men do this unconsciously, and most screw up their chances without even knowing it (audio track 6)
  • When not to play the game and start to identify (and avoid) situations where you can't win. Know the circumstances which you will need to steer clear of (audio track 8)
  • The correct answer to the age-old question of "When To Buy Her A Drink". But listen up - the answer may well surprise you (audio track 9)

  • The ONE occasion which you shouldn't miss because it will get you laid like a rock star even if you've only got started into the game of pickup (audio track 10)
  • Discover why you should not ask this one question to a woman, and if you do, it might shut you out forever (audio track 11)

  • The one rule on getting exactly what you want - it's all about t______ (audio track 14
  • The five questions you MUST ask a woman before you decide to invest more time with her. This tip alone will save you $1,000 and tens of hours of grief and wasted time (audio track 2)
  • Top tips on creating the perfect ambience to seduce her at your pad (audio tracks 28, 29)
  • Hiding the evidence, cleaning up your tracks and other 'sneaky' stuff that are absolutely essential but never done by the amateurs (audio track 37)

  • The truth about dating co-workers - you must know this before you even start to think about going out with your colleagues (audio track 21)
  • What if she goes back to your place and things don't go as smoothly as they should? Use this killer tactic and you'll be on your way into her panties before you know it (audio track 33)
  • Things to say when you're in 'damage control' mode - when you've decided that the woman you've spent the night with won't be your next girlfriend. You'll need this when you're done with the course and are getting laid by the truckloads (audio track 44)  

"100% success rate...what else can I say?"

"Hey Derek R,

"Just wanted to report a short success story. I used the "foolproof" trick that Mr X outlined in Track 3 in the audio program to ask twelve women out on a date last week, and guess what, all of them agreed to go out with me.

"That's a success rate of one hundred percent. What more can I say?"

- Lawrence K., Chicago

"I have upped my 'game' to the next level."

"I downloaded your guide out of sheer curiosity last week, and spent one hour listening to the audios during my morning London tube commute on Monday. I learned about the phone number trick in audio track 2, and within ten minutes, I got the phone numbers of three women in the same commute!

"Derek, with your guide, I have truly upped my game to the next level."

- Joe Cotter, Fulham (London)

"You have hit a home run with this one!"

"Hey Rake,

"I am writing in to give you a brief review The Player's Guide For Seducing Women. I must say that I am really impressed with the program. Track 11 on the "forbidden questions to ask a woman" in particular, is pure gold. You have hit a home run with this one!

"The quality of the audio is also impeccable. Listening to the program was pure pleasure from start to finish. Cheers mate!"

- Owen aka "Deuce", Sydney

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I racked up a bill of $10,000, but you don't have to.

I've spent nearly ten thousand dollars to produce this material - from getting the audio program professionally produced and hosting Mr X in Singapore. But I have no slightest doubt in my mind that it was one of the best investments that I have ever made. 

After all, I have essentially 'downloaded' the mind of probably the greatest pickup artist in the world - how much really would that be worth? More than $10,000, surely!

Sure, there are now lots of books and programs out there that supposedly teach you about how to be successful in dating women. But most are just rehashed stuff with unproven (and subjective) theories. 

Frankly, I am just a little too tired of all that. 


“Having been in the seduction community for the last nine years,  I can guess who Mr X is, and I am pretty sure that I am right. 

Having him spill the beans like this (and getting him recorded on tape) is totally unprecedented.

Mindblowing stuff indeed.”

- YaKidK, Liverpool Lair


Now...let me ask you this. Imagine for a second that you have 'on demand access' to one of the best seductionists in the world, and a true pioneer in the field. 

With this knowledge, you will have the ability to get date after date, pretty much with any woman that you want, anywhere.

How much would that worth to you?

Would you believe it if this knowledge is now available to you at less than $1,000? Or $500 for that matter. Or $250. No, not even $100.

What if I am to tell you that your investment in The Player's Guide For Seducing Women audio course is only $17?

No, that wasn't a typo. You can have access to the full program for less than twenty bucks.

Now, you may be wondering why I am pricing this at such a low price. 

The reason is simple, really. My goal is to help you become successful with women, not to rob you blind.

This is short of giving it away for free, but if you have read this letter in its entirety, you will realize that it's worth every single penny.

"One word - WOW."

"Yesterday I finally racked up enough courage to ask this girl at my office out for lunch using the techniques in the first 30 minutes of the audio program - we have already lined up a dinner date this Saturday at Clarke Quay.

"All I want really is to become better with women - and your program has helped me much in this regard. One word - WOW.

"Derek, you gotta be insane to be selling this for less than ten bucks."

- Vikas Keling, Singapore

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This is a short report on the one essential tactic that you can use to 'flake-proof' your date requests. If you have experienced women cancelling dates on you, then you will have to know this.

If you ever plan to go on a 'date rampage' and go out frequently with women, this single report will be saving you from heartbreak.

  • How to make a girl feel 'invested' in you so that she has less tendency to flake
  • The 'Us vs Them' frame - a surefire method to to build and deepen connection and rapport with her
  • The "role reversal" techniques that conveys prizability and value - so that she looks forward to the date and treat it as a highly important event

You will also get word-for-word verbatims and lines on what to say to increase your chances with women and ensure they won't cancel a date on you ever again.

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Bonus #2


"Strippology - The Science of Seducing Strippers"

Now, you can easily learn the "little-known" skills, know-how and tactics of...

  • How to walk into a strip club, and within 30 minutes, seduce a gorgeous stripper, and walk out with her holding on to your arm... and change the way others will view you, forever. (Plus, do it all without ever spending a penny of your money...)
  • How to bypass her most common excuse that she feeds every other guy in the room... "Sorry sweetie, but I don't date customers"... and show her that you're the kind of guy she would want to date (or go out and have fun with.)
  • How to completely shut down her "stripper talk" by showing her that you are an "insider"... that you are "in on the secret"...and get her to treat you differently than the rest of the chumps in the club
  • How to cleverly show her that you are the "stripper boyfriend" type and that, unlike most guys, you can handle dating a woman like her
  • Learn little-known secrets about where to sit and how to project attractiveness that will get the stripper to approach you first, instead of the other guys. (I'll also reveal what never to do or say... or you will walk out of there empty-handed, like the rest of the guys.)
  • How to avoid the regular, boring topics and instead get her to 'open up' and even compel her to start proving to you that she's worthy of your time. (This is something strippers will never care to do with other guys.)

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Derek Rake

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